Know the Chairman

Step by step, towards success!

With his 30+ years of experience, Chairman of the group, Mr. Naveen Gupta, has taken the enterprise from strength to strength. Having learnt the ropes at the woolen unit established by Mr. Ramjidass Rajpal in 1948, he looks after that unit as well and has gone on to establish this present company and expanded from knitting to garmenting. His work ethics empower him with the ability to maintain customer relations based in trust, timeliness and quality. A taskmaster with a heart of gold, he treats his staff like extended family while ensuring that each one of them performs to the best of their abilities. One of his biggest assets is his ability to turn shortcomings into strengths through sheer will and innovation. It is this approach that has seen the rise of the enterprise from an Indian entity to an exporter that is respected overseas.

Pillar of Strength

Best of each, puts excellence within reach!

As a family owned enterprise, each member has brought on board their unique skill set and added another dimension to the business. The bonding has helped give direction to the enterprise while their different temperaments bring in the versatile approaches to both problem solvingand growth . Mrs. Sushma Gupta, Mr. Naveen Gupta's wife, is a partner in the business . She is also the motivating force of the family.She devotes time managing the administrative affairs of the enterprise.

Pillar of Strength

Best of each, puts excellence within reach!

Mr. Gupta's sons, Rahul and Sahil Gupta have joined the company and added their own competencies to the working of the enterprise. Mr. Rahul Gupta has done his MBA from S.P Jain College, Mumbai. He brings to the enterprise 5 years of experience and is the Director of Finance & Marketing. His younger brother, Mr. Sahil Gupta , has graduated in fashion technology from Pearl Fashion Academy Delhi and is Director of Creativity & Quality Control. He has 3 years of experience handling the creative aspects of the business while keeping a strict check on the quality.


Mr. Rajiv Khanna, He has 32 years of experience in the line of accounts, finance, commercial and administrative activities. He has a supportive hand and providing his services to the group. His decision create an positive environment to achieve the goals . His hard work provide a comfort zone to the respected chairman

Operation Head

Sh. Rakesh Jindal has a 35 years experience in the line of garment, machinery and production line and providing his services to the group since last 30 years. His decisions helps to our creativity director and to achieve the targets.